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100Hz Most TV pictures update at a rate of 50Hz, ie 50 times a second. 100Hz uses digital processing to double the frequency. This reduces the flickering on the screen so you get smoother motion, minimised blurring and vastly improved background clarity.

1080i A TV format that has 1080 lines.

1080p A TV format that combines the superior resolution of 1080i with progressive scan.

720p A TV picture that has 720 lines and is a progressive scan format.

Aspect ratio There are 2 aspect ratios: 4:3, the squarish, standard shape that's dominated TVs since the 1950s and 16:9, the wide-screen format that dominates new HDTVs.

Auto tuning Televisions with this format will automatically tune in the channels.

Bluetooth A wireless technology that allows you to connect with other Bluetooth™ compatible devices without wires.

Blu-ray A new media format offering improved picture quality of 1080p and the playback of high definition video. If your HD TV is not 1080p compatible the player will revert to 720 resolution.

Camcorder A handheld portable video recorder. Today’s camcorders are all digital, allowing you to record onto a hard disk drive, Memory cards or digital discs such as DVD or Blu-ray, depending on the model.

CMOS sensor Gives a wider dynamic range and reduced light smear to your video footage. Results in high quality images with realistic colour and definition.

Contrast ratios This is a measure of the blackest black compared to the whitest white.

Depth of Field The range of items in focus in an image. This is controlled by the focal length and aperture opening of a lens. A large or wide aperture gives a shallow depth of field (not much range in focus) and a smaller or narrow aperture give a large depth of field (more range in focus).

Digital amplification More power from a smaller unit combined with hiss-free and better sound quality.

Digital Comb Filter This technology separates combined colour and black and white picture information to provide a sharp picture.

Digital display/LCD or LED display An easy-to-read display that shows information about temperature, programme progress, time left until the end of the programme and a pre-set time delay. The amount of information available or displayed varies according to the model and sophistication of the machine

Digital zoom Enlarging of an image that requires the camera/camcorder to double the size of the pixels. Due to the doubling of pixels the image begins to become fuzzier and fuzzier as you enlarge.

Docking station A stand to recharge, sync and listen to iPods, MP3 players and other audio devices.

Double layer This refers to the latest DVD optical drives. By using compatible media, it can read and write almost twice the amount of data than a single later disc can.

DV Input Insert a digital device such as a digital camcorder into this TV input and then record straight from the device onto DVD.

DV out Also known as a firewire connection. DV out lets you transfer footage to your TV or PC.

DVD ReWriter drive Laptops that have a DVD ReWriter drive will let you read, play and create both DVDs and CDs.

DVI A digital picture connection method. Handy for connecting a computer but not as convenient as HDMI

EPG An electronic programme guide comes standard with digital TV systems. It provides a digital listings that you can easily navigate using your remote control. You can browse channels, plan your viewing schedule and set reminders.

Fastext Updated version of Teletext that uses coloured keys on a remote as shortcuts to particular pages.

Freeview A FREE digital service offering up to 41 channels through an integrated digital television or a separate set-top box.

GB The abbreviated version of gigabyte. It’s a measure of memory size, roughly equal to one billion bytes. A computer’s hard drive is usually measured in GBs. Gigabyte equal to 1024 megabytes.

Gigabyte It refers to a unit of memory and is abbreviated Gb. The amount of memory determines how much music, photos and or files you can store.

Graphic equaliser Customise the sound of your music by choosing from presets like pop, jazz, rock, dance etc.

Hard disk drive players They have a built-in hard drive. They have much bigger memories than flash drive versions.

Hard drive The central storage point for all your files and data. The larger the hard drive, the more you can store on it.

HD DVD A new media format designed for the recording and playback of high-definition video with improved picture quality of 1080p. If your HD TV is not 1080p compatible the player will revert to 720 resolution.

HD ready A TV that can display HDTV when connected to an HD source.

HDMI An HDMI output allows you to connect HD sources, such as your DVD player or set-top box without compromising on the quality of the picture.

Hz The abbreviated of Hertz. This is the unit used to measure the frequency of electric vibrations per second. It serves, for example, to measure the speed of processors as well as the picture refresh rate.

IDTV Integrated digital television automatically receives Freeview channels.

LCD control panels

At a glance, this panel shows information like the internal temperature, the features currently being used and any warning if the freezer is defrosting.

LCD screen This allows the user to compose your picture and preview images/video footage immediately after a photo is taken.

Line in This allows you to connect audio devices (such as MP3 players) to your hi-fi and listen to your music through your hi-fi.

MB An abbreviation of megabyte. This is a data storage capacity measure that equals 1000 kilobytes (KB) or one million bytes. Megabyte, a memory term meaning 1024 kilobytes. Used to denote the size of a flash memory card. It is typically used as a measure of RAM and processor cache

Megabyte This also refers to a unit of memory and is abbreviated Mb. The amount of memory determines how much music you can store. A megabyte is smaller than a Gb.

Megapixel 1 million pixels, a unit of measurement in an image. This number will determine the quality of the image. Think of it as the number of dots in your picture. A low density of dots will result in a poor image.

Memory Most cameras and some camcorders come with a small amount of internal memory or supplied on a card but you can get additional cards – go for the biggest you can afford as it will allow you to store more pictures.

Movie mode Some cameras allow you to take short movies in AVI, MOV or MPEG format – some even take sound.

MP3 Is a compressed song. By removing the sounds that humans’ ears cannot detect, an MP3 file comes in at a tenth of the size of a normal song. This is the most common type of file format and compatible on most MP3 players.

MP4 MP4 is a technology for compressing videos and playing them.

Multimedia player A device that supports and plays back multiple media types, such as MP3 and MP4.

NICAM Standard stereo sound system.

Noise-cancelling Headphone technology for reducing ambient sound.

Optical image stabilisation This is a type of zoom on digital cameras/ camcorders that replicates what a 35mm zoom does, by actually magnifying the subject of the photo.

PAL (Phase Alternative Line) The television broadcasting system used in most European Countries.

Parental lock/Child lock Parents may lock out unsuitable content for children.

Picture-in-Picture PIP lets you watch a second programme in a little window.

Progressive scan Progressive scan means that the whole picture is loaded at once, rather than line by line, delivering a smoother image that stays sharp during motion.


A type of connection and cabling used to carry video and audio signals, normally located on the back of TVs and videos.

Secure digital or SD A flash memory card used in most digital cameras and some camcorders and increasingly in other equipment, such as SatNav and MP3 players.

Subwoofer A speaker that is designed solely to give you deep and powerful bass.

Subwoofer A speaker that reproduces very low frequencies.

S-video A high quality analogue video connection cable.

Three-Way speakers 3 speaker drivers for bass, mid range & treble working in harmony for top sound.

Timeslip Pause live TV on a hard drive, rewind to replay the action and then fast forward through the ads to catch up to real time.

Two-Way speakers 2 speaker drivers. One for bass and another for treble give you better sound quality

USB Connections Universal Serial Bus connections. These allow you to ‘Plug and Play’ peripherals, such as a printer, without needing to shut down the computer. The more the better.

Viewing angle The viewing angle is the maximum side angle from which the viewer can see the screen clearly.

Visible screen size The diagonal measurement in inches from one corner of the screen to the other.

Wall Mountable Can be used with a selection of wall brackets to display on your wall.

Wi-Fi Wireless networking. This is a useful way for laptops to speak to each other without the hassle of using cables. It works by creating an invisible network that can be joined by PCs, laptops and other devices like printers or hi-fis. A wireless enabled laptop lets you connect to your own Wi-Fi network or surf the net wirelessly when out-and-about using Internet hotspots.


180 degree wide opening door The tumble dryer door opens to 180 degree wide. This makes it easy to load and unload, wherever the dryer is placed.

3-in-1 dishwasher tablets These tablets contain detergent, rinse aid and salt.

4-in-1 dishwasher tablets They contain the same as the 3-in-1 tablets, but also have a glass protector function.

5-in-1 dishwasher tablets They contain the same as the 4-in-1 tablets, but also have a stainless steel shine function.

Airflow System A unique drum and paddle action is combined with an airflow system. The result is gentler but effective drying. Found in Bosch tumble dryers.

Anti- bacterial coating Also known as bacteria guard, Microban or Hygiene +, this helps prevent bacteria growth and is found on the walls and door of some fridges. This makes it more hygienic and keeps the food fresher for longer.

Anti-bacterial coating Also known as bacteria guard, Microban or Hygiene +. Often added to the walls and doors of some fridges, this helps to prevent bacteria growth and helps keeps food fresher for longer

Aqua stop If the hose which fills the dishwasher with water splits or leaks, this will help prevent any flooding.

Auto clean filter A self cleaning filter system from Whirlpool

Auto timer A timer allowing you to set the oven to start and finish at preset times.

Burners/Rings/Zones (on a ceramic hob) These refer to the plates on a hob. Most have four burners, 1 large, 2 medium and 1 small burner for simmering. Some cookers may have up to 8 burners, including a wok burner.

Catalytic liners This means the oven is self-cleaning at higher temperatures. Fat and grease are absorbed during cooking.

Clear drawer fronts Clear drawer fronts are a bonus as they let you easily view your stored frozen food.

Climate class This tells you the range of room temperatures that the fridge freezer can cope with. The two most commonly found in the UK are the N and SN classes. Both work well in room temperatures of up to 32°. N class models shouldn’t be at room temperatures colder than 16° and SN class models shouldn’t be kept in a room where the temperature falls below 10°.

Conventional oven Heated by a gas or electric burner. Temperatures may vary throughout the oven.

Cool air setting Fabrics that have been stored away for awhile can be refreshed and aerated without needing to put them through a complete wash or dry cycle.

Dairy compartment

A compartment found in the fridge used specifically for storing cheese and butter.

Delay timer This allows you to pre-set the start of a wash cycle. This means you can take advantage of a cheaper electricity rate or set it for a time that’s more convenient for you.

Detergent aware This means you can use all available detergents, including 3-in-1 combination dishwasher tablets.

Double ovens There are two ovens, one above the other. The main oven is normally a multifunction or fan oven and is found below a smaller conventional oven

Drum This refers to the inside of the tumble dryer, where the clothes are put for drying.

Drum capacity This refers to the amount of water that’s used during a cycle.

Electric sealed plates These plates provide excellent heat across the base of the saucepan. Heat is only conducted into the pans, making them more cost effective. For the best results, iron based cookware should be used.

Electronic control panels Easily set and control the temperature of the fridge and freezer at the touch of a button.

Electronic controls Get greater accuracy and maintain a constant temperature more easily with electronic controls.

Electronic programme selector You can select your programme and start washing with just the touch of a button, instead of using dials.

Enamel interiors These are resistant to chipping. They prevent burning and prevent grease or food particles from sticking for easier cleaning.

Energy rating This refers to the impact the appliance has on the environment. Appliances are rated for energy, with ratings between A (the most efficient) and G (the least efficient).

Fan oven A fan at the rear circulates the hot air inside the oven. These ovens give the most even temperatures.

Fast freeze This setting freezes the food quickly better preserving the taste and texture.

Filter full alert (water) A warning light goes off to show that the filter is full and needs to be emptied.

Fixed grill Temperature is controlled by raising or lowering the grill pan

Float switches These detect any water in the base of the dishwasher and stop it from filling up any further. This prevents flooding.

Fluff/lint filer or container Most tumble dryers have a fluff/lint filter, which captures and stores any fluff/lint from your clothes. This needs to be emptied. They can often be found inside the door.

Freezer star ratings A freezer’s star rating system tells you what it can freeze and for how long. **** -18°C or colder. Freeze and store fresh food for 3 – 12 months *** Up to -18°C. Store pre-frozen food for 3 – 12 months ** Up to -12°C. Store pre-frozen food for up to 1 month * Up to -6°C. Store pre-frozen food for up to 1 week

Glass oven door Easy to clean and let you see the progress of your cooking.

Halogen A heating element type found in hobs. It is the nearest in control to gas and gives constant heat levels.

Hood A heating element type found in hobs. It is the nearest in control to gas and gives constant heat levels.

Induction An effective heating element found in hobs. They give instant, precise and even heat. They are easier to control than gas and cheaper to run than other electric hobs. You can only cook with iron cookware when using induction hobs because they work by creating a magnetic field, causing the iron to heat.

Large door/porthole Makes loading and unloading easier. It’s positioned higher than a standard machine door.

LPG convertible Most gas appliances can only be connected to natural gas. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) kits are available with some appliances allowing them to convert from natural gas to LPG.

Minute Minder A popular type of timer that’s set for the length of cooking time you need. When it’s finished, an alarm goes off. Oven liners See catalytic liners, pyrolytic liners or enamel interiors.

Overflow protection Equipped to protect you against any leaks or overflows

Parental lock/child resistant Once the programme has been running for 3 minutes, any changes are ignored and the door cannot be opened.

Programmable This means that the oven can be programmed in advance to start and finish cooking when you want it to.

Pyrolytic liners These are also self-cleaning liners. They clean every part of the oven’s interior. During the cleaning process, the oven reaches a temperature of about 500 degrees. Any old food or grease is carbonised and left as a pile of ash on the bottom of the oven, ready to be wiped away. This process can take between 2- 3 hours and should be carried out every few weeks.

Red spots Some electric sealed plate hobs have red spots. Their purpose is to supply more power in that area than standard plates.

Reversible doors You can change the doors so that they open from the left or from the right. This allows for easier access and gives you more freedom over where you position your fridge freezer.

Rinse and hold This function is designed to help clean heavily soiled crockery or cutlery.

Safety glass shelves

These shelves are made of safety glass, are easy to clean and reduce the chance of spills dripping onto the next shelf.

Separates (detergent tablets) These tablets only have detergent in them. You’ll have to buy rinse aid and dishwasher salt separately.

Splashback These are separate plates of metal that fit between the hob and cooker hood, designed to catch grease or cooking splashes.

Standard radiant They are standard coiled ring heating elements found on hobs.

Temperature warning light This light warns you if the temperature in your fridge or freezer gets too high.

Thermostats These control the temperature of the fridge and the freezer. Some fridge freezers have twin thermostats and some have just one.

Time saver button You can reduce the normal length of time of some programmes. Perfect if you only need to refresh your clothes.

Timer This can be set to measure the length of time the food needs to cook for.

Twin thermostat These control the fridge and freezer sections separately

Unique honeycomb care (Miele) The drum is in a honeycomb design, offering unbeatable garment care.

Variable grills You can set the temperature of the grill to the desired heat, rather than raising or lowering the grill pan.

Variable temperature control Enables you to select a lower temperature for a not-so-soiled load/wash. The length of the wash? to a 40?e.g. reducing easy care fabrics from a 60 cycle stays the same. It won’t let you do this the other way round, so you can’t select too high a temperature by mistake.

Vario flex Plus basket The basket is placed in the dishwasher and is suitable for washing long stemmed glasses, so the stems don’t snap off. Designed by Bosch.

Wash programmes A selection of various washing programmes, which makes it easy for you to pick the right one to suit your washing load. The number of programmes may vary according to make and model